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28 Aug

#1 General Contractors for School Renovations

The school renovations at Tuscola Intermediate School District- Highland Pines consisted of a complete demolition in the existing interior restrooms, grinding of floors, installation of backing for wall mounted items, installation of 5/8” moisture resistant drywall, drywall finishing, epoxy paint on walls as well as floor and base, new electrical and plumbing fixtures, new bathroom

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22 Mar

Interior Renovation at Great Lakes Bay Health Center (2018)

Serenus Johnson Construction began the demolition and renovation process for 17,000 square feet of interior renovations of the Great Lakes Bay Health Center in March 2018. Located at 3023 Davenport in Saginaw, Great Lakes Bay Health Center provides health care to individuals and communities, specifically those who are underserved, uninsured, or underinsured. By performing interior

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13 Mar

Construction Safety Corner -101

Serenus Johnson Construction Safety program is more than a procedure, it is our everyday way-of-life. From the project site, to the office, yard and even our commitment at home, safety is much more than wearing protective gear and keeping work areas tidy. It about making sure potential issues aren’t overlooked. Construction Safety is about thinking

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08 Mar

Church Construction Bethany Lutheran- Saginaw

Serenus Johnson performed a church renovation at Bethany Lutheran Church on McCarty Road in Saginaw. The church renovation to this space is oriented toward the growth and expansion of their church body. Having the opportunity to expand their teaching space and worship space allows for Bethany Lutheran to adequately serve the families and local community in a new capacity.

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