This windows & facade update in Essexville has kept us busy! We have been hard at work in this beautiful storefront. An overdue facelift has recently taken place at 1585 W. Center Avenue and we are proud to have been able to perform the general trades work on site. Our crew replaced the siding with a modern, dark color and added these sleek awnings over the storefront entrances. The window and facade update has added a lot of character to this location. The overall appearance of the site is now clean, crisp and very inviting to tenants and their customers.

We have also had the opportunity to renovate Suites 200 & 300 within this building, perform repairs to their fencing, and an update to their HVAC & lighting. We highly value our relationship with West Center Properties and look forward to seeing this business continue to thrive in the community!

BEFORE: Facade and window update at West Center propertiesNot sure where to start? Give us a call today and we would be pleased to develop a plan with you today on updating your business facade.AFTER: Facade and window update at West Center properties

Project Team

Estimator: Dan Seguin

Project Manager: Justin Woolwine

Project Foreman: Steve LaFramboise

4 Simple Ways to Improve your Curb Appeal with a Facade Update

The facade of your property is a defining factor in the general look and appeal of your business- it is an introduction to your brand and style. Whether you prefer the modern, deco, rustic or industrial aesthetic, ensuring your business encompasses the character and personality of your brand is a sure way to make a lasting first impression on your clients.


Set aside the time to spruce up your exterior by removing all unnecessary rubbish, weeding any landscaping / shrubs  /garden areas, pressure cleaning windows, doors and cement aprons, removing peeling paint and cleaning your gutters.


The night time aesthetic is just as important to potential clients as the day-time. Ensuring that your facade update includes signage with proper lighting, as well as your parking areas, will allow customers to feel more welcome and safer at your location. Exterior lighting can improve the overall look when adding additional lights to flowerbeds, pathways, trees, etc.


While this suggestion seems like a large expense, it enhances the curb appeal and overall feel of your facade update for your business without having to do major renovations. An updated set of windows and doors can increase the amount of natural light in your entrances and offices, which is a priority for many employees and visitors.  A new door is an easy facade update which can set the tone of a client’s visit to your office- if your door is rusted, scuffed, dented and overall, aged, it can deter a customer from feeling as though your own business isn’t up to date and current.


A cost effective way to ensure your facade update is complete is to add landscaping. Assessing your current layout to see what changes can be made to make your storefront more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. If considering planting colorful outdoor plans, consider using perennials, to lessen the amount of maintenance needed.

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