Project Size: 1900  sq ft
Project Manager: Justin Woolwine
Project Foreman: Keith Woolwine
Scope of Work: Demo existing walls, fixtures and flooring to create a wide, open, empty space. Cut in two windows and infill existing exterior door. Interior framing related to the open ceiling-concept design, we self performed the framing, hanging of walls and finishing to the deck above. Interior finishes included bathrooms- additional suspended drywall grid to achieve a hard lid in this space. Installation of doors, frames hardware and bathroom accessories.
Challenges Faced During Construction: Early on in the project, abatement related delays were incurred. There were 16 different wall-types, which made layout a critical piece and became very important due to the different thicknesses and having the correct material to construct the varying types of walls.


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 (Photo Credit: WTA Architects )

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