IMG_1007We are pleased to be McLaren Bay Region’s preferred General Contractor! Over several decades, we have worked hand in hand with one another on various projects. We have familiarized ourselves with their staff, facilities and project guidelines and have formed a great team throughout the process.

Recent Projects Completed With McLaren Bay Region:

-Surgery OR #3 & #5                                                       -Cerner

-Device Clinic                                                                    -WSMM Booth Removal

-Kitchen Tile                                                                      -West Side Medical Mall

-H&H MRI Room                                                               -Allen Medical Building

-Behavioral Health Doors                                               -West Campus Siding

-6 East Firewall Repair                                                      -West Campus BSC Vestibule

-Annex office Bathroom                                                   -SPD Ceiling

-KCI EIFS                                                                              -Equipment Moving

-Door closures, storage, moving COVID supplies, door replacements

-Window and Wall Repairs                                                  -South Tower Wallpaper Repairs

-Moving Patient Floors                                                        -Karmanos Pharmacy Diffusers

-Ambulance Shelving                                                           -Women’s Health Pavilion Drywall Patch

-Exterior Cleaning                                                                 -Medical Mall Signage Removal

-Visitor Entrance Signage                                                    -1st Floor Behavioral Health Bathroom

-2nd Floor Office Shelving                                                    -Soffit Repair

-Clean Supply Room Patch                                                   -1st Floor Bathroom Renovations

-Nuclear Med Cam Project                                                   -Nourishment Stations

-JROC Overhang Patching                                                     -3 East Nourishment Walls

-Air Scrubber Windows                                                          -6th Floor Finishes

-3rd Floor Lab Casework                                                        -North Tower 5th Floor Renovation

-Concrete Sidewalk North, West                                            -6E Casework

-Endo Room Temp Walls                                                         -EIFS repairs

-South Entrance Drywall                                                         -3 East Nourishment

-X-ray Room 1 & 2                                                                      -SPD Reno

-Build Scaffold 3rd Floor                                                          -Storage Room Clean Out

-Demo Temp Exam Rooms                                                      -EVS Room Floor

-6E Nourishment                                                                      -Interior Acrovyn

-Women’s Locker Room                                                           -Med Mall Doors

-6 West Nourishment Room Flooring                                     -3rd Floor Drywall Repair

-Emergency Screening Room                                                 -EV Door and Curb Demo

We are honored to be their first call for jobs big or small and look forward to our future endeavors at their side.


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