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Energy Efficient

When considering building a new building, one of the biggest differences you can make right from the start is the current, top of the line equipment technology that focuses on energy efficiency and conservation- which is important to growing businesses that are trying to keep overhead costs down. There are many different levels of how energy efficient you want your building to be. Serenus Johnson has been awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Deisgn (LEED Silver) by Consumers Energy.

Stylish & Trendy

One of the greatest benefits of starting fresh on your new build is that you can incorporate modern trends and the latest styles into your architectural design and throughout your building. Instead of renovating an old bathroom or lobby area, design the space exactly as you desire, down to every last detail and you are sure to impress clients from day one.

Up to Date on Codes

A new building will leave you confident in knowing that all codes are up to date- there will be no worry that previous owners or tenants maintained their systems as they are supposed to, according to local building codes. No expensive updates will come your way for a long time, when you start out with new, top of the line work.

Cost Efficient

The cost of new construction may not seem to be ‘cost efficient’ right away, in fact, it might shock you to understand the true costs of what it takes to fully equip a new building to be ready for business and service to the general public. However, recouping building expenses can happen quickly and will allow you to see a bigger payoff in the long run. When you do a new build construction, you do not have the worry and stress of costly repairs on appliances, wiring, materials, or remodeling. Most businesses are built in desirable location.


Picture this: It’s your business’ Grand Opening at your new location. Your staff is excited and adorned in your business’ brand colors, everything is in tip top shape and someone brought in extra balloons to decorate the entrance with. Your local news station and Chamber of Commerce are coming to celebrate with you and officially welcome you to the neighborhood.

There is nothing quite like knowing that no one has been in business in this space before you. You’re starting fresh and the feeling of your involvement from ground zero to grand opening is irreplaceable. There is a definite emotional aspect to building a new business, and most business owners would argue it is a great privilege to be a part of it.

Move-In Ready

On top of being able to have a great sense of pride in the structure that was just built, you will also love the fact that everything is brand new! New businesses typically will bring in new or custom furniture- teller lines, cashier stations, management desks, etc, which instills a huge sense of pride in every employee who gets to call that station theirs. The odds of having to make any repairs or updates within the first few years are slim,which gives you the time you need to invest in your employees and clients before having to worry about making any repairs or changes any time soon.

Better Technology

We all know that technology is advancing at record speeds, so older buildings are becoming less equipped to handle some of that technology that is beginning to be essential for everyday businesses to operate. Security monitoring systems, internet accessibility, gadgetry of all kinds are incorporated into your new building. Having up to date technology can add an extra layer of safety and is optimized to be able to adapt to new technology you may want to incorporate at a later date.

Your new business can be as tech friendly as you want: Controlling thermostats, lighting, security, entry, etc from a wireless device and beyond are not out of reach for a new building. You might also earn some rebates from your electrical provider!

Fully Customizable

When you build new, you have total freedom over your design. You aren’t stuck trying to update something into a totally different thing and then learning it just isn’t feasible or cost efficient. When working with new builds, you get to customize the floorplan and details in ways that make sense for your business and clients, which leads to a better workplace environment.

What other benefits do you see related to building new commercial properties?

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September 8, 2022 | Reply

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May 18, 2023 | Reply

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May 20, 2023 | Reply

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David Roger

August 18, 2023 | Reply

Absolutely love the emphasis on energy efficiency and cost savings in this article! Starting with state-of-the-art equipment and technology not only benefits the environment but also ensures long-term overhead cost reduction. Building a stylish and modern space from scratch sounds like a fantastic opportunity to impress clients and create a dynamic workplace.

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