“On Friday, November 19, 2021- Valley Garden Club of Bay County took possession & delivered, to the Veterans Park Bay City Michigan, a life-size, metal rendering of the Iwo Jima sculpture.
This unique metal sculpture was escorted to the Park by the Proud Veterans Motorcycle Club. Serenus Johnson Construction placed the impressive sculpture on it’s permanent home once it was delivered. This work of art was created in MICHIGAN by Matt McPherson of My Metal Medium located in Mesick.Valley Garden Club of Bay County is a small garden club that has worked tirelessly for three years raising money to fund such a project of this magnitude. The club welcomed spectators and live coverage of the procession and placement to raise awareness of this beautiful tribute to our Military Veterans. ” -Adapted from the VGC of BC Press Release 11/15/2021-
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–If you attended this exciting event, please feel free to share photos in the comments below!

Also, special thanks to Bay County Sheriff and Bay City Sheriff for the Police escort and presence at this event, and for all you do for our beautiful community!

Serenus Team: Dave Rochow, Mark Haynak , Randy Short Billy Woolwine and Project Manager Dave Arnold
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