The Construction Apprenticeship Option-version 2 (002)



We wanted to give you an advance notice of an article that will appear in this week’s Midweek Briefing as follows –


“AGC MI Workforce Development Launches School Information Campaign


The AGC continues to address the growing shortage of skilled construction trade workers, in Michigan and throughout the country. To that end, the Labor Relations Division and Workforce Development of AGC Michigan has launched a campaign to urge school administrators to inform high school students about the advantages of pursuing a career in the skilled construction trades, as an alternative to college. This week the attached flyer is being sent to nearly 1200 superintendents and high school principals throughout Michigan. Please feel free to share this information with anyone that you feel would benefit.”


As the article says, please feel free to share this flyer with anyone you feel would be interested or benefit from the information.


Best regards,


Karen Kadlecsik

Administrative Assistant

Labor Relations Division



Ph: (517) 371-1550

Direct: (517) 908-8060

Fax: (517) 371-1131

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