Bangor Township Schools- Security Enhancements
Project Manager: Dave Arnold
Project Foreman: Steve LaFramboise
Project Schedule: June-August
Project Cost: $300,000

This summer, Serenus Johnson worked with Bangor Township Schools in their effort to improve the safety of their schools. Bangor Township Schools were awarded a grant from the Michigan State Police and State of Michigan in funding for security enhancements through the purchase of technology and equipment. Security enhancements took place at all five of their main school buildings: Bangor Lincoln Elementary, Central Elementary School, Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bangor West Elementary and John Glenn High School. The safety grant was awarded in the spring and allowed them to renovate and harden their entrances to make all of their buildings safer.

Due to the upgrades, there is no longer easy access to many parts of their buildings. Visitors will remain in the main entrance areas until/unless granted permission to enter the main part of the building. If they are granted access, they are required to sign in to the District’s visitor system with a Driver’s License and must wear a visitor’s badge while in the building.

“On behalf of The Bangor Township Board of Education, I would like to thank you, your workers and your company for the amazing work you have done over the summer on the projects in our buildings and around our district. As usual, your company completed all work in a timely manner and to a very high standard. With such a small window of time to complete the projects before staff and students returned, your workers met a very tight timeline- all while doing it with a high level of workmanship and professionalism. For that, we are extremely grateful.

The partnership we have forged with your company over the years has been one that has greatly benefited the students and staff of our district, along with the Bangor Township community as a whole. We covet the relationship we have built with you, and your work again over the past year, and especially over the summer, has reinforced how committed you are to continuing that relationship.

On behalf of our board of education, employees and families of Bangor Township, please let all your workers know how appreciative we are of the work they have completed. We are blessed to have such professional and over achieving experts partnering with us.


Matthew Schmidt
Bangor Township Schools”