Project Manager: Rick Sella
Project Foreman: Justin Woolwine
Schedule: March 2018- September 2018
Project Cost: $993,000
Project Size: 17,000sf
Delivery Method: Design/Build

Serenus Johnson Construction began the demolition and renovation process for 17,000 square feet of interior renovations of the Great Lakes Bay Health Center in March 2018. Located at 3023 Davenport in Saginaw, Great Lakes Bay Health Center
provides health care to individuals and communities, specifically those who are underserved, uninsured, or underinsured. By updating this facility, the center may now better serve the needs of nearby residents by providing them with access to quality health care to ensure a healthier community.

As with any project, there are always situations that require adversity. Serenus Johnson was faced with the initial challenge of nailing down the design to best utilize the space for the Owner. Several meetings occurred between the Great Lakes Bay Health staff, Serenus Johnson, and Case Architecture, who was the design professional for the project. After confirming a layout, Serenus Johnson was tasked with keeping the project within their contract amount of $993,000. To minimize costs, and demolition, several existing offices were incorporated into the new design, as well as existing ceilings in selected areas. In order to minimize disruption, the construction area was broken down into phases to prepare for occupancy. Project Manager Rick Sella and Site Superintendent Justin Woolwine worked diligently to provide Great Lakes Bay Health Center with a facility they could all be proud of.

Serenus Johnson carefully considered the products used in this project, eventually deciding on materials that were readily available and could be procured in a timely and cost effective manner. Energy efficient lighting was installed throughout most of the facility to incorporate an eco-friendly environment to treat patients.



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