Project Manager: Dave Arnold
Project Foreman: Keith Woolwine
Project Type: Historical Renovation
Project Size: 36,000sf
Project Cost: $3,000,000
Project Schedule: June 2016-January 2017
Delivery Method: General Contracting

Downtown Bay City has been the focus of much of our labor since the start of the project this past summer. We have been working on a new project at the Times Lofts, a historical renovation of the 106 year old, 33,332 square foot Bay City Times building. Local developers have been pursuing the transformation of the Times building into a luxury, loft-style apartment complex. In order to achieve such a drastic change in service, the project requires very intensive Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Modifications, as well as great attention to detail in finish work to accent the historic character and former industrial use of the building. Within the building there will be 31 residential apartments ranging from near 600 square foot apartments to over 1600 square foot, 3 bedroom apartments.

The $5,000,000 restoration includes both full floors, a partial basement, and a Mezzanine area complete with open balconies. There are varying styles of apartments available from conventional apartments to multi-level and townhouse style units. Some of the work current going on includes constructing a second story addition on top of the buildingís west wing that used to function as a warehouse, restoration of exterior architectural brick and limestone, as well as installation of granite tile, hardwood flooring, cabinetry and countertops in the units themselves. In the upcoming days, passersby may also notice the installation of 59 historical style windows replicating those from the time period of original construction.

With demand for rentals in Downtown Bay City high, many of the apartments already have waiting lists. This project serves to preserve the historical standing of the building and will also provide housing for local residents. With over 20 local subcontractors on site, The Times Loft project has provided many jobs in the Bay City area. This project is scheduled for completion in January 2017.