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We are pleased to be McLaren Bay Region’s preferred General Contractor! Over several decades, we have worked hand in hand with one another on various projects. Being familiarized with their staff, facilities and project guidelines ahead of each project helps us to ensure precise detail goes into every project we take on. Our team strives to ensure our client feels supported from start to finish (and beyond).

Thank you, McLaren Bay Region, for choosing Serenus Johnson Construction as your preferred general contractor.

Recent General Contractor Projects Completed With McLaren Bay Region:

-Surgery OR #3 & #5                                                         -EV Door and Curb Demo

-WSMM Booth Removal                                                    -Emergency Screening Room

-Kitchen Tile                                                                       -6 West Nourishment Room Flooring

-H&H MRI Room                                                                -Women’s Locker Room

-Behavioral Health Doors                                                   -6E Nourishment

-6 East Firewall Repair                                                        -West Campus BSC Vestibule

-Annex office Bathroom                                                     -SPD Ceiling

-KCI EIFS                                                                              -Pharmacy Renovation

-Ambulance Shelving                                                          -Women’s Health Pavilion Drywall Patch

-Exterior Cleaning                                                               -1st Floor Behavioral Health Bathroom

-2nd Floor Office Shelving                                                    -Soffit Repair

-1st Floor Bathroom Renovations                                         -6E Casework

-Nourishment Stations                                                          -Demo Temp Exam Rooms

-JROC Overhang Patching                                                     -3 East Nourishment Walls

-Air Scrubber Windows                                                          -6th Floor Finishes

-3rd Floor Lab Casework                                                        -North Tower 5th Floor Renovation

-Endo Room Temp Walls                                                         -EIFS repairs

-South Entrance Drywall                                                         -3 East Nourishment

-X-ray Room 1 & 2                                                                  -SPD Reno

-Build Scaffold 3rd Floor                                                         -3rd Floor Drywall Repair

We are honored to be McLaren’s first call for jobs big or small and look forward to our future endeavors at their side. We are consistently working at their side and are grateful to add projects to this list frequently. McLaren is home of some of Bay City’s finest first responders and we value the service they provide to our residents.

Serenus Johnson Construction has been privileged to work with many long standing community companies in the Great Lakes Bay Region. These collaborations have yielded many successful projects that have enhanced the quality of life for the residents in the area. Serenus Johnson takes pride in being a part of the fabric of these communities and is committed to delivering quality construction services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, every time.

Serenus Johnson Construction was chosen by McLaren Bay Region as their choice general contractor due to our expertise in commercial construction.

Having over 100 years of extensive experience working on complex renovations and new, design-build projects is an honor as we continue to serve our community.

Serenus Johnson believes that safety has always been paramount for any project they work on; it starts with Serenus Johnson management who set clear guidelines for safe practices at all projects. Being a trusted service provider is not something we take lightly, and we work to continue our relationships we’ve built over the years with honesty, respect & pride.

McLaren Linear Accelerator Serenus Johnson general Contractor RemodelMcLaren Behavioral Health Serenus Johnson general Contractor RemodelMcLaren Karmanos Cancer Center Serenus Johnson General Contractor Remodel

Have you seen any of our recent work? We’d love to hear from our community members you in the comments.

Serenus Johnson Construction is Bay City’s Hometown General Contractor, specializing in Design / Bid, Construction Management, and General Contracting. With over 100 years in business, we have built a legacy of honesty, hard work and quality projects from start to finish. Our commercial clients are broad and include Educational Facilities, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing Facilities, Developments, Medical Facilities and beyond. We work with each customer as individuals, with the understanding that our future success is built on a lasting relationship. We have built a reputation of superior workmanship and open communication with our customers. With over a century of experience, we have implemented procedures that provide consistency on every project and deliver the quality expected, on schedule, and at the agreed cost.