“On behalf of Dow Gardens, I would like to thank you for the work you completed at the Dow Gardens Historic Conservatory. The project of completely renovating and updating the SO-year-old Conservatory and its systems was “one-of-a-kind”. The project site was tight and set right in the heart of the Dow Gardens Estate Garden. There were many unique challenges because of the historic nature, unique systems, and setting of our project.
Our team was impressed with the Serenus Johnson team professionalism. In our design-build process you brought multiple ideas forth that benefited the project positively both financially and operationally. The Serenus Johnson team was a central part of and a huge value-add to the project.
The Serenus Johnson team utilized safety measures for our thousands of guests who strolled through the gardens during construction and was considerate to our neighbors. We appreciate how you found ways to complete the project without major disruption to our operations, which was at times tricky having to utilize a shared driveway access with our pedestrian guests.
Serenus Johnson team members were knowledgeable and ready to address concerns that came up during the construction process. The team was fantastic at navigating delays in our schedule due to design constraints. They delivered a quality project for us. The team was smart, safe, and brought creativity to problem solving. It was a pleasure to work with you.
I’m writing to highly recommend the Serenus Johnson team to anyone in need of future construction services. “