Coming Soon! This downtown landmark is on track for it’s most exciting act yet: a transformation!

Wenonah Park bandshell renovation began with removal of the roof and replacement with a modern, curved system as shown in the architect, William A Kibbe, rendering. Wenonah Park hosts many national acts each summer and is a hot-spot for Bay City natives and travelers to visit. The project was fast paced and very detail oriented, with the unique structure of the bandshell renovation. The new bandshell structure sits on a fully replaced raised stage and includes upgraded acoustical and lighting system design to enhance performances. Surrounding perimeter sidewalks were also replaced. The blue accents on the underside of the curved roof structure compliment the roof of the bandshell and the nearby accessory building and pavilion.

Former Wenonah Park Pavillion Structure (January 2020)

The renovation project features an updated bandshell look, lights and a larger stage. The original stage, built in 1981, was removed after it was discovered to be crumbling. The size increase of the stage is intentional in the plan to draw more national acts to the venue.

The new bandshell is one of the latest additions to Downtown and the final piece of the waterfront project in Bay City’s Wenonah Park. Another unique feature was the restoration of many donor blocks along the front of the stage. After years of exposure to the elements, some of the bricks were damaged and needed restoration or to be replaced. We had the privilege of carefully removing the original bricks, photographing for documentation purposes, and replacing with the updated brick.

Pre-Restoration of bricks

Post Restoration of bricks

The renovation did face delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was not long before this project was deemed an “Essential to complete” project due to the public access to an ongoing construction project. This allowed our crew to continue working and making progress, despite the restrictions that were set in place. The delivery timeline for many items required to complete this project was impacted by the pandemic, as materials became increasingly unavailable or put on extreme delays due to staffing restrictions in many other regions.

Adding the first layer of metal decking to the new roof structure in July 2020

The 6.1 acre downtown park is based around the amphitheater structure that is primarily used for arts performances and National-Title events. The Wenonah Park Band Shell is the home of the Bay City Country Music festival and is a great place to view the waterfront. The bandshell schedules concerts throughout the summer and also holds many summer festivals, it also is home to many other community events and is a frequently visited location for Bay City Residents.

Renovation Project Team

Project Manager: Joel Keister
Project Foreman: Rod Morley
Project Architect: William A Kibbe & Associates
Cooper Excavating
DC Byers
Dobson Industrial
Hock Painting
Kawkawlin Roofing
McMath Masonry
Murin Landscaping
Whaley Steel

The beautiful Riverfront view with the newly renovated bandshell

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